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Diagram 59: Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with isolation of left pulmonary artery with origin from left patent ductus arteriosus and right aortic arch
The Mullins and Mayer Atlas
of Congenital Heart Disease
By Charles E. Mullins, M.D. and David C. Mayer, M.D
Supplementary Diagrams prepared by Scientific Software Solutions, Inc. and approved by Charles E. Mullins, M.D.

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John Wiley & Sons License Agreement for Mullins & Mayer Congenital Heart Disease: A Diagrammatic Atlas
The Mullins & Mayer Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease is the industry standard diagrammatic atlas of congenital heart disease. Dr. Charles E. Mullins M.D. and Dr. David C. Mayer M.D. present 167 images of congenital heart disease in a simple yet elegant style. These images have been used throughout the world for over 15 years and they continue to illustrate congenital heart disease for medical professionals and patients alike. Scientific Software Solutions, Inc. has added 20 supplementary diagrams to this electronic version of the Atlas.

  • The Mullins & Mayer Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease includes 187 printable and modifiable diagrams.

  • Each diagram is available in three different file formats and four resolutions.

  • The diagrams can be accessed and modified from any picture editing software such as Paint or Photoshop as well as our cath reporting software PedCath.

  • This software package is ONLY available through Scientific Software Solutions Inc.

  • The CD-ROM comes with a softbound manual with all diagrams printed and labelled in an easy to read small format.

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Diagram 100. L-TGA with right aortic arch, VSD, and
valvular pulmonary stenosis

Diagram 151. Postoperative Anatomy - left ventricle to
descending aorta conduit for aortic stenosis

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